10 SEO Terms You Should Know For Better Knowledge

2 August 2012

Bangalore : If you are a blogger, internet marketer, webmaster or SEO in Bangalore you will certainly need to know about SEO (Search engine optimization). To know about SEO, first you have to be familiar with the most common terms of it. In this post I am going to introduce you 10 SEO terms for your better knowledge about it.

1. Backlink:
Backlink is a type of hyperlink on another blog pointing back to your own website. It is very important in SEO because it directly influence pagerank and search rank.

2. SEM:
SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It involves marketing product via Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. SEM is the prime category of SEO and PPC (Pay per click).

3. Pagerank:
Pagerank is an algorithm used by Google to estimate the relative important of pages around the internet. It is estimated by the number of backlinks to a page.

4. Nofollow:
No follow is a link attribute that tells search engine not to count a link. It is the antonym of dofollow. Generally it is used in comment links and sponsored links.

5. Title Tag:
Title tag is the title of a website in Google, yahoo and Bing etc algorithm. Generally it contains the main keywords of a website or blog. It is seen on top of the browser while browsing a website.

6. Meta tags:
Meta tags are some types of tags that give search engines more information about the content of that site. It is located inside the HEAD section with HTML code on a blog and not visible to the human visitors.

7. Search Algorithm:
It is Algorithm of search engine that helps to find relevant web pages for any search query. The Algorithm considers many factors such as pagerank, domain, content, Meta tags, title tags etc.

8. Web crawler:
Robots.txt file is in the root directory of a website which has been created to direct the activity of search engine crawlers or spiders. It is a one type of bot of spider. It collects all update from a site. It is the first step of web pages indexing process.

9. Duplicate content:
If a new content matches fully or partially with other existing content across the web, the new content is said to be a duplicate content. Everyone should avoid duplicate content because search engine may punish your site.

10. Robots.txt:
It is a file placed on the root of a domain. It tells about the structure of a site to the search engine.


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