SEO Guidelines: Let Audience Trends Dictate Keyword Tactic

3 July 2013


Bengaluru: Content marketing can be a game of inches in which minor tactical modifications can yield great rewards for businesses. Slight changes in colors, images and word choice are the types of minor differences that subconsciously lure visitors to interact with on company’s site instead of a competitor’s. These hairline adjustments make it more significant than ever for today’s content marketers to be meticulous in their research when setting up content marketing rules.

Specificity doesn’t always add SEO value

The significant distinction people want to make is that they do not want to only target information technology (IT) professionals, but automotive, engineering and communications specialists as well. While carrying out keyword research for terms associated to these industries, it was observed that most of the phrases included some form of the term “tech.” With the wide application of tech-based language (technical, technology, high-tech, etc), it was important to choose the proper term that would yield the top search results.

These people make great efforts to make sure that their brand image is held in high regard and want all of their web content to meet its guidelines for professionalism and premium services. When the content marketing strategist sent the initial list of recommended keywords to the people, the marketing team disagreed with the idea of using the abbreviated “tech” term in written content for the website. The individuals felt it was too informal and did not match the tone of voice they had already established online.

The problem: phrases using the abbreviation “tech” produce a much higher volume of monthly searches, so it would be in people’s best interest to adapt to what its clients search for online. This may be a discussion from a branding perspective, but from an SEO standpoint it only makes sense to incorporate “tech” into written content.

Simple Google research showed that the term “technical” netted a healthy 7.48 million local searches per month. The term “tech” acquired a much more robust 20.4 million local searches per month. Not only was the number of searches tripled, but the organic competition levels were nearly the same. The idea of leaving close to 13 million monthly searches on the table in the name of branding just doesn’t make business sense when your objective is to boost visibility within a given vertical.

Sometimes broad is better for the bottom line

This makes no mention of the benefit of “tech” having such broad applications in content. Tech can be employed to cut short a number of relative terms (technical, technology, etc.) which, together with longtail keyword insertions, can enhance search visibility. By using this versatile term, people’s content will now appeal to and reach a much wider mass of people.

Prior to making hard-line decisions about any aspect of your content plan, it’s vital to put yourself in the shoes of your target visitors. While it may seem professional to use “technical” in place of “tech” in online content, you need to optimize your marketing materials to resonate with the tone of voice and language used by your active online audience.

The world of content marketing is more spirited than ever before. Content strategies are becoming intricate with many moving pieces, and it is very important to have all of these assets working in the right way. Small changes in word choice may seem unimportant on their own, but in collective can produce conversions and keep impending clients off of your competitions’ websites.

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